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15 Weeks…Baby’s First Hurricane

Surprisingly enough they don’t make ornaments or onesies with that written on the front.  But for those living on the east coast, it is a right of passage. Hurricane Irene blasted into North Carolina on Friday evening (Graham continues to … Continue reading

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14 Weeks…I am a Mother of Multiples (for realzies)

Nothing particularly new to report on the pregnancy front.  The icky sicky continues to linger.  Still not showing much beyond a very suspicious poochy (sp?) belly.  I have discovered the Bella Band (I would link you to a picture of … Continue reading

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13 Weeks: Taco Bell

Not much to tell, other than hugely disappointed that my morning (day) sickness did NOT abate this week.  Apparently another blessing of a multiples pregnancy…the icky sickies lasts longer.  I keep telling myself it won’t be forever.  I mean it … Continue reading

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12 Weeks: Nags Head

12 weeks today and the morning sickness has kicked in strong.  It starts in the morning when I wake up, continues through the bulk of the day, takes a break from around 3pm-6 or 7pm, then finishes out the day … Continue reading

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11 Weeks: Saltines

I had a fantastic feeling week last week, well overall that is. I actually had several days of feeling really good- almost normal even.  This week has been the burst of cold reality that yep, you’re pregnant with two babies … Continue reading

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To Eat and Drink

Our Church has been going over the first letter to the Corinthians the last couple of months. It has been incredibly edifying and challenging. Some of the most exciting passages that we have worked through are chapters 8-10. It has … Continue reading

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