13 Weeks: Taco Bell

Not much to tell, other than hugely disappointed that my morning (day) sickness did NOT abate this week.  Apparently another blessing of a multiples pregnancy…the icky sickies lasts longer.  I keep telling myself it won’t be forever.  I mean it can only go 40 weeks at the most.  Pizza continues to be a winner, though.  Graham is a great proponent.  Cravings?  The surprising craving of the hour?  Well, not sure if it’s a craving as in have to have it right now, but the thing that has tasted good enough for me to eat three times this week already is Taco Bell.  Yes folks, you heard me right.  That shining beacon of questionable quality beef and shredded lettuce doused in sauce that makes you forget to care.  We ate there twice on the beach trip and I continued the trend once we returned by eating lunch there twice in a row.  You can judge me.  I’m judging me.

Hmmm other updates that my mom and Bonnie Brown would want to know…Weight gain: still nothing.  I have gained back most of what I lost in the beginning though.  Am I showing?  Not even at all.  I keep looking at our ultrasound pic to remember that yes, I am really pregnant.  Oh that and the constant reminder of nausea.  Any movement?  A bit early yet, they say it’s between 17 and 20 weeks we’ll start feeling them.  I’ll keep you updated.

Overall, we’re so thankful.  Continuing to adjust to the double portion of everything barreling our way, but thankful.

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