15 Weeks…Baby’s First Hurricane

Surprisingly enough they don’t make ornaments or onesies with that written on the front.  But for those living on the east coast, it is a right of passage. Hurricane Irene blasted into North Carolina on Friday evening (Graham continues to think it’s ironic that we would call a terrible and destructive hurricane Irene, a derivative of the Greek word for “peace”).  Fortunately, Raleigh was relatively unaffected- significant rain and some wind but nothing more than that.  I celebrated the stormy morning with a trip to the English Tea Room downtown, which was closed, then the New York Bakery, which was also closing.  A friend and I hopped over town in search of the perfect pastry and tea, ended up grabbing it as they closed the bakery, then ate it at my own kitchen table.

The babies are doing well.  We had our first heartbeat check, and they found both without problem (yay!).  Both were on the high end of the acceptable scale, one a bit higher than the other.  I’ve heard wives tales on both sides…some say the higher one is most definitely a girl.  Others say with equal conviction that a fast heartbeat certainly means a boy.  I suppose we’ll see!  We also scheduled our Level II (whatever that is!?) Ultrasound with Duke for 18 weeks (exciting!) so we’ll find out the genders Lord Willing in a few weeks.

Still not showing much, but starting to see what can only be a preggo belly.  Not sure if anyone else sees it, but that’s alright.  Morning sickness lingers on…I look forward to eating again one day.  Weight gain?  1 pound!  I’m counting that a great victory.

Enough about me, how are you!

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One Response to 15 Weeks…Baby’s First Hurricane

  1. Hang in there with the long running morning sickness! I’m 36 weeks and still start every morning with a round of puking, and take medicine twice a day to keep from puking the rest of the day! It’s so fun to read about your journey. I’m also so glad that you have access to consignment sales–that is truly a gift to be grateful for!

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