14 Weeks…I am a Mother of Multiples (for realzies)

Nothing particularly new to report on the pregnancy front.  The icky sicky continues to linger.  Still not showing much beyond a very suspicious poochy (sp?) belly.  I have discovered the Bella Band (I would link you to a picture of one but they all seem to be slightly inappropriate or slightly creepy), which I’m convinced I like, but had helped extend the life of my regular pants.  We’ll see.  Taco Bell and Pizza continue to delight and enthrall, but I’m rather hoping that changes soon so I will not have to feel the guilt of just having eaten questionable meat after each meal.

My parents came to visit last Saturday and we made our first foray into the Moms of Multiples organized world.  The Triangle Mothers of Multiples had their bi-annual consignment sale in downtown Raleigh and the three of us timidly entered the fray of super shoppers and moms on mission.  Not knowing the genders meant specific shopping was difficult, but we did see some double strollers and carriers that were equal parts fascinating and terrifying (fascinating that they really do make those and they are really wonderful I know; terrifying that we are in fact having twins which would require such contraptions).  The prices still seemed rather high on equipment (That and we came at 8:00am instead of arriving with the opening of the doors at 7am.  Veteran consignment shoppers have since told me the good stuff was most likely gone in the first fifteen minutes if not before).  Dad was a trooper, he ended up wandering off and looking at kids videos (he found The Muppets Treasure Island on VHS and bought it, “for the twins” though he took it home with him and Graham and I don’t have a VHS player).  Mom was as per usual and incredible shopper.  She bought the twins their first Halloween Costumes for next year.  Pictures of that to come.  A few other purchases included two maternity tops, a car organizer, two hoody duck towels, and some books.  We left exhausted an hour after we arrived- victorious.  I’m not the best shopper (or tourist, probably for the same reason).  My attention span for hawk-like bargain shopping lasts about an hour, then I get tired and bored and ready to go home.  This was actually the truth before the pregnancy, I just finally have a good reason to be this way now.  So I don’t attempt to fight it.  Checking out with our spoils made me feel like a true member of the club though…the ladies working the sale would have on nametags with the multiples they had.  It’s amazing how organized the support system is, makes me thankful.

Mom and Dad left Saturday evening…but the excitement this Saturday as well.  Matt and Kelly, our sweet friends announced their engagement that night (yay!) and we celebrated with Rotel Dip and chocolate chip cookie cake (quite appropriate).  My dear friend from college and world travels and her husband came in late Saturday evening for a night stay over after a conference in Durham and the conversations were so good.  Our little duo was able to celebrate their first engagement party and meet another aunt and uncle all in one night.  Not to mention the awesome Halloween costumes they are probably pretty excited about.
Hope your week is going well too!  We have another doctor’s appointment next week, don’t worry we’ll fill you (and when I say you, I mean my mom and the three friends are interested) in one what we find out.

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