Results from Abigail’s MRI

The results from the MRI were as the doctors had expected (which is a good thing). The lesion appears to be a vascular malformation, which would be best if extracted as these things have a tendency to grow. We will know exactly what it is once extracted and a biopsy is done. The lesion is about 5cm x 3cm x 1cm and is wrapped around the muscle in her lower back. By God’s sweet mercy and grace, the malformation is not disturbing the spine at all and there should be no long term effects functionally. (Aesthetically, there will be a small scar, which should be very minimal).
Surgery is still planned for Monday sometime in the morning.

All of this is a sweet blessing from the Lord and a gracious answer to much prayer. It has been a long two days at Chapel Hill but both Abigail and Evelyn were rock stars during the whole time. (And so was their mother…they take after her.) All the encouragement and prayers have been deeply felt and we could not imagine doing this without such incredible support.

We are so overwhelmed by God’s mercy in this situation, and we just glorify Him for this manifestation of grace in our lives.

Thank you for your labor and remember Abigail this upcoming Monday.

Daddy and Abigail waiting the MRI results

Evelyn was like an angel during the whole time

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3 Responses to Results from Abigail’s MRI

  1. Craig Benno says:

    Father, I ask that you will protect Abigail from infection and carelessness. Bring healing to her body where man can not. Inspire skill, wisdom, and knowledge to the medical staff in their care for Abigail. Cover Graham and Susan with a blanket of peace as they look ahead to Monday, well up within them a deep knowledge that you are with them and that you are for them. I ask that they will indeed experience your tender mercies, the sweetness of your presence during, through and in the times ahead.I pray that their daughters will grow healthy and strong. That they will be used by you to bring glory, honour and praise to your name.

    Bless you guys…I will keep praying.

  2. Linda BIngham says:

    A big AMEN to Craig’s prayer and thank you Lord that this lesion is not affecting the spinal cord. May you all know the Lord’s blessing especially in these coming days. x

  3. David and Peggy Sharp says:

    Praise God from who ALL blessings flow!! Love and kisses. The Sharps

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