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White Chocolate!

>My dear friend Diane is allergic to chocolate.  You heard me.  The good stuff.  She is also allergic to apples and grapes if any one is interested.  For some reason, during college I could never remember this.  I was forever … Continue reading

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>Thanksgiving Culinary Attempts…

>I tried a few new recipes for our family Thanksgiving. Being the youngest and potentially most irresponsible I am not yet charged with the important stuff like turkey, or, well, anything requiring cooking. When asked what I, as a new … Continue reading

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>Two years since Africa.

> It had been a week full of thoughts of Africa.  My time there, friends going there or living there now, friends adopting from there now.  Mostly of how strange it is that I am coming on the two year … Continue reading

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>OH YEAH, this is happening.

> So, Graham and I have joined the ranks of those committed to sit week by week in a cold classroom and watch a guy on a video tell us how to handle our money.  And love it.  That’s right, … Continue reading

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