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Top of the Hill

In Exodus 17, Israel faces Amalek. Joshua was chosen to pick the men and be their commander and to fight against the enemy. All the while Moses went to the top of the Hill with the staff of God to … Continue reading

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Half the Battle

The last post was kind of serious. I hope this one is a little lighter, but maybe still of some value.When I first went out into the jungle, I took all the things I needed. Shirts, socks, pants, soap, you … Continue reading

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Down a Muddy Peruvian Road

Well, this is really the first time I have had a chance to blog since I have gotten down here. I am extremely limited in all forms of communication, so I hope that mercy will be given. So here is … Continue reading

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>Extreme Home Makeover: Africa

>We are in the midst of a full scale (on African terms) renovation of our little apartment. Walls that were once a non-descript creamy color are quickly (or at least not slowly) becoming green, robin’s egg blue, and the same … Continue reading

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>I Pity the Fooul! I Pity the Fooul.

>Every country has foods they are famous for (okay not every country- I mean does anyone know what Djibouti is famous for? The Maldives? Feel free to comment if you do). Italy has tiramisu and, well, Olive Garden of course. … Continue reading

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>I realized the other day, as I put on my pearl stud earrings for the seventh day in a row, that I have been wearing these little pearls a whole lot since I arrived here. Exclusively actually. This may not … Continue reading

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