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Qallariypi Diospa Ruwasqan

This is the story of creation in Quechua that we have to learn. It will be the first story we tell in the communities as part of a evangelism track. It has been mighty slow here in Sucre recently and … Continue reading

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The Good Fight

I have not yet introduced my new partner from Columbia, Efrain Mosquera. He is twenty-five years old and has been on the Xtreme Team for quite some time. He is rather quiet and usually does not say something if he … Continue reading

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All Things and Donkeys

I used to love to write in my journal. I could express all the joy that lived in me always impossible to contain. I lost a lot of love for many things in my life. This did not result because … Continue reading

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Greatest Day of Eleanor

I apologize for the delay in writing. I know there is much time that elapses between blogs but I do appreciate your visits. The delay comes from an overall apathy mixed with indifference. My partner and I were supposed to … Continue reading

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>since april….

>Since it has been since April since I last updated this (I know, I know- no one cares)…I thought a numbers list was in order to catch up… Number of times my guard called me outside to see the three … Continue reading

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