Face to Face

One of my favorite things during Susan’s pregnancy was the ultrasounds. We went into the first appointment not sure if wanted an ultrasound at all, but after realizing it would be helpful in the long run we decided to go for it.

That is when we found out we were having twins. (Very thankful for that nurse.)

Given the nature of Susan’s pregnancy we went from having one or two ultrasounds to having an abundance. This turned out to be a great joy for me, because I loved seeing my children develop from the size of a peanut to a small grapefruit.

The first ultrasound only showed what looked like dots. The fact that there was a “dot” let alone two was exhilarating. The next ultrasound they looked a bit alien-like (but still ever so lovely). It also looked as if they were dancing. I was absolutely amazed at their development and the technology that could give us a glimpse of the persons growing inside. The 4-D ultrasound was spectacular. It can depict very closely their features that they would carry outside the womb. I remember sitting there absolutely stunned that these beautiful children were mine.

Yet, even with all the technology the images of Evelyn and Abigail were still blurred. At the time I couldn’t imagine what they would look like or who they would look like (this is still very much up for debate). The thing Susan and I kept saying was that we couldn’t wait to officially meet them; to see them face to face.

Then that glorious day came, and I was finally blessed to lay my eyes on their faces for the first time unhindered. Their beauty was more than my mind could ever have imagined. What has been even sweeter is how much they have grown since then. It feels like I am constantly getting to know my daughters, with all the multifaceted features of their looks and personalities. I know that this is just the beginning to what will be a lifelong journey of knowing them and being known.

Such is the relationship of a father with his children, which I am most blessed to experience.

A question I loved to ask fathers before I myself took on the role was, “How has being a father enhanced or changed your view of God the Father?” It was usually a good conversational piece, but it also informed me much about how experiences in this life can teach us about greater spiritual truths.

When I reflect on this experience of seeing my girls’ faces dimly in the ultrasound pictures, then seeing them face to face, it reminded me of the Apostle Paul’s words:

“For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I also have been fully known.” (1 Corinthians 13:12)

If this life and the one after are at all analogous to my girls before and after their birth, then what indescribable joy awaits all those who believe in Him! We see dimly the picture of God’s grace, hope, and joy on this side of heaven, but oh what a promise of seeing God face to face, fully knowing as we are fully known. In expressible joy fulfilled. It is almost too much to bear as we reflect, but it is a hope that we must cultivate lest we grow content with the dim picture, not realizing the hope of an unhindered relationship with our Creator.

I believe that many of our experiences are faint echoes of the symphony of God’s grace and truth. If we could just slow down enough, we might just hear that sweet song and enter into worship of the King.


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