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>Macaroni and Cheese (and other small comforts)

>Macaroni and Cheese (and other comforts)I have found that when life is totally unstable and uncertain, little things that can bring comfort become very big things. Today I woke to electricity going out (translation- really quiet, really hot) and lay … Continue reading

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>Dance Dance Revolution

>So despite being thousands of miles away from home, bits of home are never far away. Like dance parties, which is a good thing since dancing is one of my favorite things. My roommates and I were up in our … Continue reading

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>THEY’RE OUT (Part 2): Crossing the Street

>This morning as I was slowly waking up, trying to open my eyes and think clearly (the usual thoughts “where am I? Why am I sweating already? What’s going on?), my roommate burst through the door with the most exciting … Continue reading

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>THEY’RE OUT (Part 1): Visiting

>Today we ventured out of our temporary home for the first time. Our supervisors thought they had found a home for us in the city and decided to take us visiting to “check it out” and meet with our prospective … Continue reading

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God Waits

It has been over year since I started the whole Journeyman process. So much has happened since I took that initial step into the unknown. From the first day of the process, through the three stages of the written application, … Continue reading

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Sweet Sorrow

Back in Florida, I sit down reminiscing over the past two months and I can only smile at the Grace given so bountifully. Who am I to receive such? Entering orientation I was full of anxiety and little to no … Continue reading

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A Blossoming Fig Tree

God gives so graciously to all His Beloved children. His blessings are almost too great for our depraved souls to comprehend. What I find so evident in this world and in my own life is that though God’s blessings are … Continue reading

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