Update on Abigail’s Surgery

Abigail in her Karate outfit before going into surgery

Abigail’s surgery went so well. She is already home and resting.

Here is a summary of the events:

We got up this morning at 430 to get ready for our trip to UNC. Surgeries are scheduled by age, which meant we were certain Abigail would win the opening slot. We were there by 630 and of course Abigail was winning all the hearts of nurses, doctors, and any passer-by. Here is a picture with her and the nurse:

Abigail winning the affection and adoration of all

Abigail was taken back at 730, the surgery started roughly around 830, and she was out of there by about 930. Dr. Gage reported that the surgery went smoothly as was expected. The mass was smaller than anticipated, but it had intertwined with some of the muscle. He had to pull some of that back, which will simply cause some more discomfort in the days to come. The muscle itself will heal just fine in time.

The scar is about an inch or so long and a centimeter wide (a little war wound from the effects of the Fall). Most of the discomfort Abigail felt when she woke up was from the anesthesia, but her whimper was tough to bear. The doctors will do a test on the lesion to know more of what we were dealing with.

Abigail is resting well now along with her mom. The next couple of days will be uncomfortable for her, but she has already proven herself to be a warrior. Pray for wisdom in how to best take care of her during this time.

Evelyn stayed home with Nina (my mom), and seemed to enjoy herself almost too much.Here is picture of that:

We were so blessed to have Mimi and Grandpa (Mr. and Mrs. Hall, Sue’s Parents) to be there with us in the hospital. They were invaluable encouragement and support. Nina will be with us a couple more days to help take care of Evelyn while Susan and I can focus a bit more on Abigail during her recovery.

Overall the whole process went so smoothly, and we could not be more thankful for the outcome. We were even able to come home the same day, which was a wonderful blessing.

I cannot thank everyone enough for all the prayers, encouragement, and support. It was truly a community effort, and we are so humbled and grateful that the LORD responded so graciously. We praise the LORD for His goodness manifested to our sweet little girl.

Please keep Abigail in your prayers as she takes the next couple of days/weeks to recover.

Abigail with Daddy right after Surgery

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4 Responses to Update on Abigail’s Surgery

  1. Kenny and Jane Wright says:

    So happy all went well with the surgery. Praying for all of you. Kenny and Jane Wright

  2. Craig Benno says:

    Praise the Lord. Father God, I continue to ask that you bless this family. I ask that you will raise Abigail and her sister to be mighty blessings to their family. May you cause them to grow strong and healthy. May you cause them to be blessings in your kingdom and the communities in which they live.

    I ask that you will continue to sustain Graham and Susan with a blanket of peace. That you will well in them with strengthening joy and flow through them with the knowledge of your love and the tangible presence of your spirit. May you grant them a deeper measure of hope and trust..Blessings. cb

  3. Carol Thompson says:

    Yeah!!!!!! Jesus!!!!!! Praise Him!!!!!!Who’s not excited to watch how He is going to use this precious family???

  4. Gwen Hilebran says:

    As I’ve heard Beth Moore said, “God showed up and showed out, and aren’t we thrilled & thankful.” Praying for quick recovery with no complications. Thank you, Lord, for sustaining these precious parents & grandparents as they minister to each other while they trust you for complete healing.

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