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>oooooohhhhhh the first post

>First of all, the pressure here is to begin and begin well [in reference to posting, of course], while seeking the approval of only One yet writing for the benefit of many. thereby, i want to write with elegance timely … Continue reading

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I figured since I am here at Rockville, VA, and there is not a whole lot of action going on now, that I will try to post every week about what I am learning or experiencing until I get on … Continue reading

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Awake the Dawn

I figured that I would explain the reason why I titled this blog the way that I did, besides the obvious reason that I think it sounds cool. Know that I am no theologian, but only a fellow layman, a … Continue reading

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I hope this to be the first of many blogs chronicling my adventure through these next couple of years. God has laid on my heart a burning desire for the lost that have never been told the Good News. In … Continue reading

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