12 Weeks: Nags Head

12 weeks today and the morning sickness has kicked in strong.  It starts in the morning when I wake up, continues through the bulk of the day, takes a break from around 3pm-6 or 7pm, then finishes out the day with me.  I hear it ends eventually.  I gag throughout the day, with reason and without any particular one.  A few surefire methods: talking too much (maybe a warning from the Lord), smelling anything, a weird texture, brushing my teeth, and of course, my husband following me around making gagging noises then laughing hysterically.

The sad and frustrating thing is that somehow in my mind the first trimester ended after 12 weeks (12 weeks divided by 4 weeks = 3 months.  And 3 months times 3 trimesters is 9 months just like all the movies talk about pregnancy).  ERR! Wrong again.  A full term pregnancy is 40 weeks.  4-0.  40 weeks divided by three is 13 and some change.  So this week should be finishing up our first trimester and hopefully my icky sickies as well.

We spent the first part of the week with my parents on our annual Nags Head vacation (2nd week in August since I was in Middle School.  Only missed it twice for being rather engaged elsewhere and separated by an ocean).  It was so fun to see the ocean (didn’t actually venture in once…I know, judge me), and swim in the pool, and read books.  Graham and I had a whole day together the two of us, which is tough to come by, even without children in the mix.  I can only imagine in a few months:)  Despite the icky sicky, it was such a sweet time.  Mom brought the first “shower” gifts…socks in blue and pink (just in case), a boppy (still not sure how exactly that works but I hear it’s vitally important), and the economy size of Goldfish.  It’s starting to sink in, for both of us now.

Still no weight gain, still not showing much (at least not enough for any kind of maternity).  I hear I should be thankful for this as there will be a day I cannot see my toes and will have to rely on Graham to keep them painted.  He’s REALLY looking forward to that, I know.

The Lord is good, and we’re learning a lot.  This week, the big lessons were on being grown ups…apparently that doesn’t come built in:)  Things like insurance, and legal guardians for the kiddos, and college funds.  Getting a little short of breath thinking of it.  All in good time.

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