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Israel Update

Right now I am sitting outside a coffee shop in almost perfect weather in downtown Netanya, Israel. It is a bit shameful that I have yet to update but c’est la vie. It has been a bit of a whirlwind … Continue reading

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Lost Sheep

I am sorry for the delay in the blog. Andrew and I got back about a week ago and he has since left to go back to the States. Also Kay´s parents were here for a bit. In this blog … Continue reading

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Fellow Workers

As many of you know I don´t exactly have experience in working out doors except picking up pine cones and mowing the grass. This aspect of our job always scares me a little. We enter into a community with the … Continue reading

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Greeting Them From Afar

We just got back from our trip to the Quechua who are in Quchumi, a small community of twenty families living in the mountains in the Chayanta Department in Bolivia. To the praise of our Gracious Father we were able … Continue reading

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Beside Still Waters

My partner and I just got back from a short trip from the major communities in the Chayanta Province. We needed to make good contacts and get some more information about the area before we headed out for months at … Continue reading

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Lead me to the Rock

Now in the City of Our Lady Peace (La Paz) and we are headed to Peru for our Annual Meeting for the Xtreme Team. I figured I would take this time to relate what happened in our last investigation trips. … Continue reading

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The Refuse

Right now I am in a city called Oruro, which is about six hours outside of our base camp in Pocoata. I just wanted to update about what is going on with our team and ask for a lot of … Continue reading

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