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The Need for Silence

Why is that I have to learn things over and over again? I cannot just learn them the first time and move onto the next lesson. So it is with learning again and again that I must take time to … Continue reading

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All Things and Donkeys

I used to love to write in my journal. I could express all the joy that lived in me always impossible to contain. I lost a lot of love for many things in my life. This did not result because … Continue reading

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Greatest Day of Eleanor

I apologize for the delay in writing. I know there is much time that elapses between blogs but I do appreciate your visits. The delay comes from an overall apathy mixed with indifference. My partner and I were supposed to … Continue reading

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Chariots and Horses

I am still in Sucre and waiting for the arrival of my mom and our vacation. During these past few weeks my new partner, Efrain Mosquera from Colombia, has arrived and we both have been focusing on learning Quechua. Efrain … Continue reading

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Moments of Silence

I can honestly say that one of my biggest vices and biggest weaknesses is impatience. I am sure anyone can confirm this with any of my friends or family. When I ran track the worst thing about a track meet … Continue reading

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Out of the Grey Twilight

One of the things I like about South America is that they name streets and plazas after important days in their history. One can see almost anywhere a street named 9 de Agosto or 24 de Septiembre. Though they mean … Continue reading

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Walking in the Wilderness

I am in Lima right now, just got out of the jungle near Pucallpa where I helped with the training that is going on now. I am still waiting on my partners to get their money so please keep praying … Continue reading

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