Down with the Sickness

Over the past couple of days I (Graham) have become increasingly sick. My throat feels like I swallowed gravel and my energy level is in the red level. This has presented us a whole new set of challenges with new born twins in the house. I fear too much exposure to the girls will only increase their chances of getting whatever I have. At the same time, though Susan is the most incredible mom in the world, she still needs an extra hand especially during that cruel hour in the middle of the night.

This means that I am washing my hands all the more thoroughly, which has come to the point that my hands are breaking open from the mixture of the cold, dry weather and the constant use of hand sanitizer. Reminds me of my days in Bolivia. I am also sleeping on the pull out bed down stairs, which I have realized for the first time that it is not all that comfortable. I apologize to all our guests who have had to endure that bar that can be felt so securely  across the middle of the back. My assistance to my family has been diminished to an occasional feeding and the more trivial of duties like washing the bottles. I’d choose diapers over bottles any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

This morning was also a bit sad for me. After the feedings that occurred at the 2nd and 3rd watches of the night, the girls were right on time for the early morning feeding. I grabbed Evelyn and gave her the bottle. I sat next to my beautiful wife who held Abigail and we just sat there and shared in the silence and a mutual desire to still be in our respective beds. After a couple of burpings and a change of the diaper, I was amazed at how Evelyn was growing fast and even growing some cheeks! I then propped her up in her little boppy to allow her to digest the food a bit better (she has been struggling recently) and my wife says, “You know that is Abigail, right?”

Epic fail.

So, this post is a prayer request that I would overcome this sickness and our overall tiredness without the girls also coming down with the sickness. Between two jobs, learning Hebrew, and lack of sleep/energy/Parks and Recreation, I have arrived well past the point of a desperate need of Grace. And between my wife and me, I have it easy. And to be honest maybe we have always been in that desperate need of Grace, and this is just one of the ways the good Lord reminds us that we truly are always in desperate need of Him.

Pray that we are not only physically rested and restored but our spirits our continually renewed in the strength of Christ.

Post Script:
If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look at the photos taken by our ridiculously talented sister, Carmen at her blog:

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4 Responses to Down with the Sickness

  1. Jay Burke says:

    Prayin for ya’ll brother!

  2. David and Connie Weaver says:

    praying you get better quick. Are the girls identical?

  3. Dave Black says:

    Just prayed for you. Love your godly attitude in the midst of the trials. God bless you all.

  4. Thanks Brother Dave. I am praying for your wife as well.

    Even sadder for my lapse in judgment, Mr. And Mrs. Weaver, the girls are not identical, so there is no excuse. We miss you guys!

    Thanks for the prayers Brother Jay. Hope to start doing some life together with you on Tuesday’s!

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