Evelyn and Abigail Part II

First day home from the hospital

Time seems to keep getting away and I don’t have the ability to keep up with all that is happening!

Just to bring you up to speed and where we are now. After the girls were born on the 2nd of January, we stayed in the hospital until Friday so Susan could recover. It was weird to go home from the hospital without our girls. The nurses were most encouraging to get our sleep during this time and even consider the NICU nurses as the best baby sitters we will ever have!

The weeks after their birth seem like a blur. I worked all day and Susan went up to the hospital to hang out with the girls. Evelyn and Abigail were still in isolettes, and though the nurses encouraged as much interaction between us and our children, there still were frustrating limitations. To be honest, the days during those two weeks they were in the NICU were long. Still, we are so grateful because in all reality it was such a short time. Our wonderful friends, Lorne and Amy James have a son who was born at 25 weeks. It has been a longer journey for them and their amazing little boy, Sam, is getting bigger all the time in the NICU. I could not imagine attempting to travel our small journey without them. Please keep them in your prayers as they continue their journey.

It seemed like all of a sudden that the nurses were telling us to get ready for the girls to come home. They told us on Saturday that the girls would come home on Monday. We were overwhelmed and excited. Evelyn and Abigail came home on January 16th, exactly two weeks after they were born. The first night was interesting. Of course, Abigail and Evelyn were wonderful. Their parents, however, were (and though getting better, still are) a nervous wreck. Having our children at home has been the most wonderful experience. I am so thankful they are here. They are so lovely.

During this time we had the best help one could ask for.  We were blessed when my mom came right after they were born. Susan’s parents, being just three hours away, have been almost an omnipresent help for us.  Susan’s sister was so wonderful the first few days of Susan’s recovery. My sister and dad came up this past weekend and my brother and his wife will come up next weekend to do some professional photos of the girls.

All of it has been an incredible experience, and it is hard to take in that this is just the beginning.

Thank you for all your prayers, support, and sweet encouragement about how beautiful our girls are. We think so too.

Grace and Peace

Evelyn and Abigail's first ride

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