Celebrating 31 Weeks at Home

For the last couple of days we had been mentally preparing that our two girls would come at any moment or the hospital would be our residence for at least another week. As grace would have it we are now at home celebrating the 31 weeks of our girls still rocking out safely in the womb.

Susan has been doing so well the last 48 hours that the doctors felt confident she could go home and hopefully not come back until when it was more a more appropriate time for the girls to come into the world. With everything going smoothly (contractions are down, dilation stable) the most that she was doing at the hospital was resting, which could be accomplished more efficiently in her own home.

As quickly as the situation elevated before we knew it, it appears it has calmed down with almost the same speed. It has been a journey within a journey during this pregnancy. We are so blessed by all the prayers that have been offered on our behalf; if we could be so bold to ask you continue your intercession throughout the duration of the pregnancy.

If anything changes we will be sure to update. At this point we are hoping to make it another couple of weeks before we get to meet Evelyn and Abigail face to face. Until then, we will be resting, praying, and giving thanks for the LORD’s providential hand through it all.

Thank you again for all your support and encouragement. Grace and Peace

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2 Responses to Celebrating 31 Weeks at Home

  1. David and Connie Weaver says:

    So glad that you are able to be at home! Praying for all of you. Have a Merry Christmas.

  2. Lucy Colins says:

    Just think of this as advanced training in parenting: you pretty much have to be ready for anything, at any given moment. I rejoice that things are stable, and I pray that you all can have a quiet Christmas at home. Blessings!

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