Change in Room and Situation

To attenuate anxious anticipation, Susan and the babies are doing wonderfully.

Some grace mixed with magnesium seemed to work stopping Susan’s labor for now. She remained constant even after being taken off the magnesium. She is still contracting but not dilating. Contractions are pretty normal especially for twins, but the determining fact for labor is whether Susan is dilating or not. She is still at 3cm and holding.

The doctors were encouraged by the progress enough to change us to an antipartum room last night. The room is more comfortable, I got a sweet little pullout couch, and Susan is no longer hooked up to anything. The situation is much less intense in every way. The girls are rock stars, measuring well at 3lbs 2oz for Evelyn and 3lbs 10oz for Abigail.

We are more or less in a holding pattern for now. The girls still could get overzealous once again and we could have some additional tax breaks in 2011. The goal is to make it to at least to Christmas Eve, which would put the girls at 32 weeks. It is uncertain whether we will be able to go home before the girls come. It is day by day at this point. All things considering, we are in an ideal situation.

The weight of all the prayers offered have been humbling. Thank you for laboring with us in intercession. The LORD has heard and responded. We are grateful.

I’ll try to send updates as the situation changes. Thanks for all the sweet emails, text messages, Facebook wall shout outs, likes, and what not. We feel the love.

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3 Responses to Change in Room and Situation

  1. Kadi Gedville says:

    Praying for two strong, heathy and beautiful little girls and praying Mommy and Daddy get all the rest and support that they need.

  2. praying for you, we will be in the same process soon.

  3. Katie says:

    Sue and Graham, We love you guys and your girls so much! It was such a blessing to be with you all. I am so thankful for our Lord’s awesome providence and care of you all. Can’t wait to see you guys again soon!

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