Update on Susan

Cliff Notes Version: Susan went into Preterm labor yesterday at 30 weeks 4 days. We went right to the hospital, where they successfully inhibited our overzealous girls from being born this early. Susan is on bedrest, and we will most likely be staying at the hospital until she gets past 32 weeks or has the babies. Whichever comes first.

  1. Pray for the babies’ development
  2. Pray for Susan’s health
  3. Pray for the doctor’s wisdom and ability

We are still a delivery room waiting to see what happens. With everything progressing, we will hopefully move to a postpartum room, where we can more easily see visitors. Feel free to email or Facebook whenever. We will try to get out updates whenever we can.
Thank you for all your prayers.

Full Story:  Susan developed a condition called Cholestasis a couple of weeks ago. Chole is Greek for bile and Stasis is Greek for standing. This describes the event when the bile in the liver backs up. This could affect the girls longer term, but the doctors will be sure to get the girls out before anything negative were to take place. The overall effect of Cholestasis has been the maddening symptom of itching for Susan. The doctors wanted to monitor her weekly to make sure the girls were doing well and Susan was as comfortable as could be.

Yesterday we had our weekly check up and Susan asked if she could be checked to see if she was at all dilated. Susan was only at 30 weeks 4 days yesterday, so it was a bit early to check for that. The midwife came back and said she was 2cm dilated. We were told to go immediately to the hospital.

Once in the hospital room, they check Susan again for everything. She was 3cm dilated and contracting every 2 to 3 minutes. Interestingly enough Susan wasn’t feeling the contractions almost at all! They gave her steroids for the development of the babies in the event that were to be born that day. They also gave her magnesium to help prevent cerebral palsy as well as slow down the preterm labor. The magnesium seem to take affect, and the girls decided to hold off on meeting us another day.  Her contractions have slowed significantly and become more irregular- a good sign.

Right now Susan is resting and it appears so are the girls. Susan will receive another steroid shot for the girls’ development and if she progresses well enough she can be taken off the magnesium. We will then be taken to another room where she can rest and wait to see what is next. As stated above, we plan to be at the hospital until Susan is a stable condition in regards to laboring, and the girls are at a healthier developmental stage (at least after 32 weeks, hopefully 34 weeks). There is, however, a very real possibility that the girls could come at any time.

Some Praises:

  1. Susan – she is doing so well and is the most beautiful pregnant lady you have ever seen! It is amazing she asked to get tested for dilation.
  2. Evelyn and Abigail – they are measuring so well (Evelyn – 2lbs 13oz, Abigail – 3lbs 8oz). They are at a good gestational period that the doctors are encouraged and confident in the situation.
  3. The Cholestasis – ironically without this weird condition we might not have had that checkup that caught this preterm labor at the right time.
  4. The Doctor(s) – the same doctors who helped our dear friends through their situation (she went into labor at 25 weeks and their son is down the hall from us) are our doctors as well. We have come to know, trust, and love these people who are taking great care of us.
  5. The Minivan – we found out the night before that Katie and Evan (Susan’s sister and brother-in-law) gave us a minivan. This is something small in comparison but was incredibly encouraging in its timingCommunity – we have a wonderful community here and all over. The encouragement and support are overwhelming. The prayers of the Saints are being heard and answered. We are so thankful and we encourage all to keep up that good labor.
  6. Community – Our community here and abroad have overwhelmed us with encouragement and support. We cannot thank everyone enough for everything. Prayers are being heard and answered, so please continue to labor in that good work.

The LORD has been most gracious to us in every single event. There has been a peace given to us throughout this whole situation. We are so thankful for His presence.

More updates to come.

Grace and Peace

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4 Responses to Update on Susan

  1. Jennifer says:

    praying for you and those precious babies!!!

  2. Wayne and Gwen Price says:

    Graham, Susan. We are praying for you and those precious little girls. Thank you for your beautiful example of faith and confidence in our loving Lord! Wayne and Gwen Price (FBC, Clanton)

  3. Kellie Jacobsen says:

    This is so random–I also had Cholestasis! Our son was further along when it set in, so we didn’t have the same risk that you guys are facing–we ended up having a C-Section about a week and a half early. We are praying for you both and waiting for more good news of the Father’s great provision.

  4. Christie says:

    We are praying for you both and for the girls!!! Please let us know if you need anything done at home – or if your mom and sister need anything. Tell them they are free to stop by here!!!

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