The one with a Sweet Baby James.

Our friends A and L had their precious baby boy S (an probably the future spouse of one of my girls…I know there’s a line for that) at 26 weeks gestation two days before Thanksgiving.  Amy developed severe Pre-Eclampsia (HELLP Syndrome I think they call it when it’s so early and so severe), and was admitted to the hospital in Raleigh under pretty dire circumstances.  Graham and I were able to be with them over the next few days as we prayed and watched the Lord’s faithfulness on gorgeous display.  A’s blood pressure was in the stroke range when they admitted her that Sunday, but she was still lucid and talking much to everyone’s amazement.  Because of S’s early early age (25 weeks and some change when they arrived at the hospital), they had to make the difficult call to hold off delivery (the only thing that would help Amy’s condition) to give S a few days to “cook.”  The docs assured us that this was a rather tenuous trade, and would only last a short time one way or the other.

I feel like Graham and I had a crash course in high risk obstetrics over the next few days.  They’d monitor S’s heartbeat, A’s blood pressure, and all sorts of things every few minutes it seemed like.  They injected A with steroids to boost S’s lungs and we started praying.  Praying for her blood pressure to remain level and low(ish).  Praying that her labs would not deteriorate MORE (or at least not quickly…they knew they would begin worsening due to her condition).  We prayed for her platelets to stay level so she could have L in with her in the C-Section (still not sure why that is…but apparently if platelets are low, they do a general anestethic rather than the spinal block…which apparently would mean her husband can’t be in the operating room with them).   We prayed that S would develop quickly.

And amazingly and beautifully, the Lord began answering!  They were able to hold off on delivery and that gave S almost 48 hours of time they weren’t counting on for him to continue to develop.  A’s platelets and labs not only didn’t decrease they IMPROVED! When Tuesday morning rolled around and the time for the c-section arrived, L was able to be with A and meet his son.  S actually came out wiggling and even cried a bit.  He also, how cute is this, grabbed his daddy’s finger.  At a whopping 1lb.3oz he’s a tiny one.  The cutest most perfect thing you’ve ever seen.

A’s almost fully recovered from her surgery, and S continues to be a fighter.  Ups and downs that will most likely continue over the next few months have come, but we’re confident in the Lord’s plans for him:)

We are confident and continually amazed by the Lord’s sweet grace.  As L would say, we’re not out of the woods just yet, but S is 15 days old today.  And that’s certainly a big something:)

Psalms 33: 20-22

Our soul waits for the LORD;
he is our help and our shield.
For our heart is glad in him,
because we trust in his holy name.
Let your steadfast love, O LORD, be upon us,
even as we hope in you.

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One Response to The one with a Sweet Baby James.

  1. alys says:

    Love these two! I posted a prayer request for them the morning of the C-Section (I knew only b/c of facebook) and people started posting on their statuses and adding them to church prayer emails! i was blessed that people, who had never met them, would pray and love them! We truly are a Body! The LORD is truly good!

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