30 Weeks!

It’s hard to believe, but we hit the 30 week mark this week at some point.  (What point exactly that was I’m not sure, since the two email newsletters I get disagree as to when I actually arrive at 30 weeks…What to Expect When You’re Expecting and the Bump apparently work on different gestational calendars.  If that’s even what you call them.).   A few highlights, if you can call them that, of the last two weeks:

1. The belly.  OHHHHhhhhhh the belly.  It’s getting to the point that dropping something on the floor is sort of depressing as it requires some fancy maneuvering to lean over and get it.  Typically it also involves a mental debate of how much the object is actually worth to me in the moment, and if it whatever it is can sit there until a) 8 weeks from now when I’ll be able to reach down easily and get it myself b) someone comes by who can get it for me or c) the cleaning staff at work makes it this way during their weekly routine.  I’ll be honest, there is a pile of stuff under my desk at work that did not meet the “Worth It” criteria and is now patiently waiting of a, b, or c to occur.

Today I made the mistake of unbuckling my shoe to scratch my toe, and then realized that couldn’t rebuckle the darn shoe.  I tried bending over, to no avail.  Foiled by the belly.  Then I tried twisting to the side…no can do- too far down there.  Getting on the floor was a bit unprofessional seeing as I was in my office in the front of the building in full sight with a dress on.  However, the only other alternative was to put my darn foot on the chair and practically expose myself that way.  I ended up facing the way, propping the foot on the chair and buckling the shoe.  I will not make that mistake again.

2. The heartburn.  Is GONE!  Or almost.  The wonderful Dr. Esper saved the day in hopes that no heartburn would encourage me to eat more and thus gain more weight (the one time in my life it’s DIFFICULT to gain weight is the one time in my life I’m supposed to) by prescribing the beautiful, the magical, the purple pill itself: Nexium.  Drug reps out there- I will do a commercial for Nexium.  All you have to do is put my girls through college.  Or maybe buy them these cute jumpers from OshKoshB’Gosh.

I now can sleep almost through the night without waking up from the heartburn (the Nexium wears off around 3:30am or so, probably because of Week 30 highlight #1’s girth).  My poor Tums are feeling a bit neglected.  It’s fantastic.

3.  Itching.  And not it’s not just because I’m pregnant.  THIS time.   The week of Thanksgiving I started itching.  And I mean awkward all the time can’t barely stop itching. My feet, my hands, you name it.  After a week or so of this, and some very persuasive requests from my mother and mother-in-law, I finally broke down and called the doctor’s office.  I expected to hear the “you’re pregnant.  with two babies.  get over it.” But instead heard the rather unexpected “we’d like to see you right away.”  Apparently they caught on to what I didn’t even know existed, and before I knew it they were drawing blood to check on a liver condition that can be induced by pregnancy (especially with twins, of course) called Cholestasis.  Still don’t know exactly what that means, or even really how to pronounce it, but we found out this past Friday that I’ve got it.  Something along the lines of the bile acids building up (hence the itching) due to my liver being sort of squished and not able to process them as normal (probably because I have two babies fighting for real estate in my midsection).  We appreciate you all’s prayers as we meet with the doctor’s again tomorrow to discuss what exactly the situation is, and what it would mean for us and our girls- if anything at all.  I can’t say that I’ve ever even considered my liver or given it a second thought, but it’s apparently making up for lost time these days.  Touchy touchy.

4.  The nursery.  Is finally coming together.  And by coming together, I mean that the crib is assembled, and I sort of know what we’ll do for the rest.  I have a baby mood board on Pinterest that’s been helpful…but for whatever reason I’m quite indecisive about putting it all together and moving forward.  We’re doing pink and green.  Which was a difficult choice since I really like purple and blue.  But I figured when else will it be SO okay to girlify a room than when you have two stinkin girls at one time?  I mean really.  So I’ve decided, with my sweet husband’s encouragement, to own the girl thing and just enjoy the pinkness.

It’s hard to believe we’re at 30 weeks.  Harder to believe that the two little aliens making all sorts of movement inside of me will suddenly and permanently be outside of me and counting on me to be a grown up in just eight weeks.  DEFINITELY not mature enough for this.

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One Response to 30 Weeks!

  1. Jennifer says:

    30! Weeks!! How and when did that happen??
    Praying for you!!

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