28 Weeks

28 weeks here in twin preggoland.  Yes, it’s really been that long since I updated this thing, and yes, I really am that bad at keeping up with my own blog.  A lot’s been going on…don’t judge me:)

The highlights of the last few weeks:

1. MOVEMENT!  These girls are crazy.  They are kicking and moving and causing a general ruckus.  Graham can feel them now as well- it’s fun to rest a book on the belly and watch it jump and twitch as the girlies move about.  And by fun I mean sort of like being inhabited by aliens.   We’re getting used to it.

2. The Belly.  It’s getting bigger.  Officially hit exclusive maternity clothes territory on Week 21.  I now have opinions on the kind of pants waistband I like, which brands I prefer, and what my “maternity” style is.  Sort of.  Since the vast majority of my clothing has been provided by the extremely generous Alissa Keith, Bonnie Belue, and the Southeastern Seminary Share Shop- my style is whatever their style is.  Which is good since both those gals are adorable.  The belly seems to go in phases…two-three days of achy belly while (I imagine) the girls go through a growth spurt, followed by me going up a dress size (or so it seems), followed by a week or so of calm, then we do it all again.  Today is a achy day, so I guess I’d better get the giant maternity shirts ready.  Or a crane to help get me out of bed:)

3.  The Showers.   It’s been the sweetest blessing to see how the Lord is providing for our family!  A few weeks ago, we starting getting boxes from Wynne Baptist Church (but had strict instructions to wait for them all to come and then open them all at once).  So one evening after three giant boxes had arrived, Graham and I started opening them one by one…and it was a baby shower in a box!  Amazing!  A few pictures are below…thanks again sweet Wynne Baptist- we’re grateful for your friendship.

OH MY GOSH the cuteness is out of control.

It’s good they thought of things like this…since we definitely did NOT.

Two of each...yes please.

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