Living in a Valley

We are on Fall Break this week and I have yet to get any substantial work done, and by substantial I mean I haven’t started yet. Today is the day that will change all that as I plan to spend some solid hours at the library. The weather has been stirring my affections the past couple of days, so I decided to walk to the Library, which is about a half mile from our house. Being out of shape (which was another motivation for walking), I was embarrassingly exhausted by the time I made it up the hill. The whole time I was walking and panting I thought about writing this blog. I have found a nice nook in the library sharing the silence with those around me, I figured I would write a bit whilst still catching my breath.

Every time I walk up our hill I have ample time to think about the journey the LORD has me on. Our house sits in a little valley, which is unfortunate when Sue or I want to run. It means we always start uphill either way. If one leaves our little neighborhood and turns left they will go up the hill to the seminary. To turn right means to go to the main highway in Wake Forest. Since I am not really allowed to allegorize the Bible, I guess I can allegorize those things around me a bit.

One thing that the LORD has been showing me recently is that ever since the Fall happened, life was never meant to be easy and comfortable. In fact the earth resists our cultivation. Though I know this and have known this I have found this weird secret desire deep within that doesn’t really believe it. I have this imaginary tomorrow in my mind that one day I will be comfortable and secure and won’t have to worry about a thing. Now, this desire is true and right, but my hope is in the temporal and not the eternal. I, however, want that security in this country and not in that other country, the heavenly one, where it is meant to be. However, the Bible seems to speak of suffering and pain to be expected for all humans, especially Christians.

Walking to the seminary reminds me of the uphill journey that we are all facing. At times seminary seems too difficult and I just want to quit and go overseas and tend sheep. But here is the reality, whether I turn left or right I am still going uphill. There will always be things to overcome and the only way to avoid going uphill is to go nowhere.

I love walking uphill to the seminary because it is somewhat of a metaphor for the journey that the LORD has me on right now. It reminds me that life isn’t easy and isn’t suppose to be easy. It reminds me of sanctification; one foot after the other. It reminds me that I must know where I am going in order to get there. It reminds me that there is something beautiful in the struggle. It reminds me that the greatest joy comes from the art of overcoming and overcoming does not happen without having that which to overcome.

Many times I just sit in the valley robbing myself of the joy to overcome the hill set before me.

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One Response to Living in a Valley

  1. amandabrock says:

    good word. thanks for sharing, friend. there is, indeed, something beautiful in the struggle.

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