Guess the Gender(s)!

Tomorrow Susan and I are going to the doctor to get a Level 2 Ultrasound. The ultrasound will check to make sure very organ of each child is developing as it is expected. Please continue to pray for the growth and health of our children.

There is also a good chance that we will find out the gender(s) of the babies tomorrow. I figured if they are able to scan every organ they will probably be able to tell gender as well! People throughout the pregnancy have given us their opinions about whether the twins will be boy/boy, girl/girl, or boy/girl. I thought it would be fun to have a poll to see what everyone thought.

So, here it is!

**Because the poll doesn’t record your name with your vote feel free to express your vote in the comment section!**

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10 Responses to Guess the Gender(s)!

  1. Mary Ann McMillan says:

    its two boys! i know it!

  2. Amanda G. says:

    I think they will be boy and girl!!! 🙂 So fun!!!! I can’t wait to hear what gender they are!!!

  3. Claire and Kyle says:

    Boy/girl! Boy/girl!

  4. Pamela Fisher says:

    Boy/girl- based off of the heart rates you reported on. Gender should be easily detected at this point. We discovered Cannon’s at 14 weeks and Campbell’s at 13 weeks; both were very obvious. I can’t wait to hear the report!!!! Praying for you and missing you both:)

  5. Debra Wyant says:

    Boy / Girl
    Praying that way for ya’ll ! Having one of each myself was what I dream and prayed about when I was a child. Even though they are not twins and they are 2 years/nine mo. apart they are best friends and love each other so much. Even at their age! : ) My Father knew my heart. What a blessing they have been! I’m so thankful to have them.

  6. Uncle Randy says:

    It’s boy/girl

  7. MaryAnn Michael says:

    Nina says two girls….lots of ruffles and lace…

  8. K. Mac says:

    Boy-Girl! A Boo and a Precious! We miss you guys! Keep us posted.

  9. brad carter says:

    Boy/Girl – Lennon/McCartney…

  10. Hannah Presley says:

    boy & girl!!! can’t wait to hear the news!!! love you guys!

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