Update on the Twins

We went to the doctor’s office on Wednesday with unwarranted anxiety. We had read too many books that had given too many scenarios of what could happen, both good and terrible. One such scenario included the Vanishing Twin Syndrome. Awful.

After a longish wait (all things relative knowing I am a pretty impatient person in general), we finally got to the point where we were looking at the ultrasound monitor with eager anticipation. Sure enough, we see the first one on his/her side. We were amazed at the growth in just 2 weeks. At this point I was anxious to see the other one, praying against the weird Vanishing Twin Syndrome. Then the technician gets a phone call. And takes it. And talks. And we wait. And wait. Only seeing the one.

Finally she gets off the phone and starts looking for the second, and there he/she is. Beautiful. It was crazy how much they have grown. They have distinguishable heads and bodies and appendages. The one on the right started dancing. Susan says he/she dances like me, and I am not sure how to take that. My kid’s ability to dance has already matched mine and they hasn’t left the womb yet. It appeared that he/she got tired and stopped. Then the other picked up where the other left off doin’ the dance better than their daddy. So is life with twins, we hear, and sure enough we will find out even more before too long.

Thanks for all the prayers and support. We are so thankful for these sweet blessings. They are both healthy, measuring today at almost 11 weeks.

It is incredible that we can already see their faces! Even if they kind of look like aliens at this point.

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One Response to Update on the Twins

  1. Alissa says:

    Don’t read that kind of stuff! It’ll just freak you out! There are millions of things to worry about, but you have to trust the Lord is always in control. Congrats you guys! 🙂

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