Week 10: Somewhere between a grape and a plum.

I think it’s interesting that all the baby tracker widgets seem (you know, the ones that track your baby as it develops) to be comparing the little ones to fruit.  Fruit.  I’m not sure exactly why this weirds me out a bit, for I can see the usefulness of such a comparison.  Everyone knows fruit.  And it can help moms and dads like Graham and I visualize the little stinkers in more tangible terms than “1.15 inches” (We’re not math people).  Nonetheless, comparing my children to food is odd.  Anyway…

We’re currently in week 10 of my pregnancy and I have to admit I’ve heard conflicting fruit comparisons this week.  One said that the little guys (or girls) are the size of “a juicy grape” (yikes) and another said they were the size of a California plum.  Am I wrong for seeing a bit of a disparity there?  Time to insert another “anyway…..”

In an effort to chronicle the miracle of pregnancy, I will attempt post a weekly update just in case you want to know all the juicy details.  Since this is a family blog, I will refrain from using words like hemorrhoids.  And Cankles.  Well I can’t promise on the last one.

I have a friend and neighbor who is a few months ahead of us in this whole thing and does a great job of tracking her preggoness online.  She had a survey of questions she made for herself to answer each week.  Any good questions I should include in my weekly survey?

For now: Morning sickness has been waning a bit- still gets pretty intense in intervals during the day but the overall feeling is certainly a “I will get through this…eventually” where it was “I’m not sure I will make it through today alive” a few days ago.  Due to the general nausea, I haven’t been able to gain any weight and have a lost a bit, but I hear that corrects itself relatively quickly once the ickiness passes.  With twins I actually am requested to eat 600 calories a day MORE than usual.  Since just a few months ago I was fervently attempting to LOSE weight (see the post on that here…and yeppers, I did make my goal by May), this has been a difficult one for me.  I’m vain.  And terribly afraid of gaining TOO much weight.  But yes, you’re right, I do need to get over it.  Thank you for that.

Not showing much just yet…a teeny little pooch that Graham and my closest friends notice and pat periodically.  I surprisingly okay with this.

And there you have it!  More later!

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3 Responses to Week 10: Somewhere between a grape and a plum.

  1. What’s weird is when you get to fruits that you’ve never heard of. I just kept thinking, “that doesn’t help me at all.”

  2. bonnie says:

    yessssssssssss, sue. so glad you are doing this! i love to get to read about your progress. it will suffice for me to be able to take part in this with you since i won’t get to see it in person on a regular basis. and you can count on me to keep you accountable to your commitment to blog regularly on your preggo progress! you probably should post pics too!

    and btw, i read your “blessings” blog entry and was very encouraged by it. i had josh read it too, and we both agreed that you are an incredibly talented writer. josh also commented on how he feels God is working you and has matured you a lot. i said, sue has always been mature beyond her years.

    love you sue

  3. Amanda G. says:

    Surveys are great!! hard to stick with but everytime I am tired and dont want to do it I remember that one day I will want to remember what it was like and I will have those to go by!! 🙂 Yay!! So many babies in the neighborhood!

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