Back from Israel

I am back in Wake Forest trying to recover from all the blessed travels. We got back from Israel a week ago on Monday night. The next day my beautiful bride and I traveled to Charleston, South Carolina to meet up with my family for the Robinson Family Reunion. It was a grand time. I am most grateful for my family and the times we shared there. In the next couple of posts, I hope to share some of my experiences from the last couple of weeks.

Until then here is a list of things I missed and things I did not miss in the brief time away from the “Forest”:

Things I missed:
My wonderful wife (almost goes without saying except it doesn’t!)
Our community of believers here (specifically our small group)
Little Caesar’s (don’t judge me; I get weird cravings when I am overseas)
Prices on most items (Israel was expensive – not cool)

Things I didn’t miss:
The terrible heat (it didn’t get above mid-eighties in Israel)
American Culture (don’t get me wrong, I love my country, but it was a nice break to experience a different perspective)
The terrible heat (I hate the heat so much right now it bears repeating)

I am now looking forward to some time reading and catching up with brothers and sisters. Thanks for all the prayers during the last couple of weeks. The Lord was so gracious in hearing and responding to them.

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