My Theme Music

One of the best things about movies is the music. Situations are often times characterized by the music guiding subtly in the background. In a good war movie like Braveheart, the music stirs the emotions to triumph and honor. In independent films the music usually makes a person reflect with the main character of the movie on one’s own life. In reality this musical device in movies is artificial acting as a guide to the viewer on how we, the viewers, should feel about the scene of the movie. Sometimes I wish I could have music in the background of my life so it could guide my emotions giving me clues to how I should feel about any given situation.

Well, the other day I was sitting in a coffee shop that I had regularly visited throughout our stay in Netanya. While I was reading my Hebrew Bible (at least attempting to do so), there sat next to me two older gentlemen with a strong British accent. After awhile I gathered the courage to speak to them. Upon asking where they were from they answered they were from London. They thought I was from Boston. I took this as a compliment. They invited me to sit with them and we sat there two Jews with a Christian and had a wonderful conversation about Scripture, culture, life in the States and life in Israel. I felt pumped up by the conversation as I left my two new friends who had to leave to watch Wimbledon (though they left Britain, Britain hasn’t left them).

The coffee shop, called Vicolad (most likely because the owner I met is named Victor, which he explained to me, “Like Victory!”) is about a half mile from our hotel. I made my way back thinking over our conversation, thanking the Father for such a blessing and I heard this music in the background that was indicative of my emotions. It guided me well, and at even one point to my incredulity I thought I heard words in the music about Christ, which made me more immersed in the moment. I didn’t give it too much thought as I am in a city with much noise. After awhile, however, I kept hearing the same music about Christ. Then I realized that as I had been navigating through the people of the town my iPad, which was in my backpack, had turned on playing music from iTunes. I bet the people all around me were just as confused as to where the music was coming from.

I felt a bit foolish. Not too much though. It very could have been a way for the Holy Spirit to guide my emotions after such a beautiful conversation. Either way, my time in Israel has been such a wonderful experience, a mini-movie of sorts, and it was awesome to have the right music to accompany the situation to stir my affections.

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