Day Date II

Sitting here at the house and listening to Explosions in the Sky. I love writing and reading to their music. Helps me reflect and stirs my memories when I was in a distant land about to come home. Sounds and smells help us remember. I believe they also teach us to long for and to hope for that distant land, that heavenly land.

Today has been a good day for listening to music, eating good food, and taking in all the smells and sights and sounds as to create memories for the future. It has been a good day with my best friend, my wife, my Susan. We went to the chapel at Duke and walked around the beautiful campus. Afterwards we went to the local restaurant, Elmo’s Diner, which was great. Then we went to Jubala Village, where we had the most excellent coffee served by our brother, Jesse Gordon, who happens to also be in our small group.

In a bit I will go pick up Little Caesars, because that is how we roll, and we will watch a movie as we hold hands. When I was apart from her for two years before we got married all I wanted to do was hold her hand. It was one of those hopes that I held onto and I will not take it for granted that the Lord has granted me that blessing everyday. Before we go to bed we will spend some more time with the Lord and thank Him for allowing us to see His goodness in the land of the living.

It has been a good day.

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