Israel Update

Right now I am sitting outside a coffee shop in almost perfect weather in downtown Netanya, Israel. It is a bit shameful that I have yet to update but c’est la vie. It has been a bit of a whirlwind since we arrived but it has slowed down enough for me to recount a bit of what has happened.

We are staying in a smallish town north of Tel Aviv called Netanya. It is right on the coast of the Mediterranean. We are a small team here to learn Modern Hebrew. Some are learning more conversational Hebrew and others are learning how to read scholarly work to better understand the Hebrew Bible.

Classes are in the morning and in the afternoons we have had the opportunity to travel a bit. So far we have visited Caesarea (where Paul stands boldly before Agrippa proclaiming the Gospel – Acts 25-26), Tel Megiddo (or Armageddon where the last battle is going to go down – Revelation 16:16), and Mount Carmel (where God brought down fire consuming the altar that Elijah built to defeat the prophets of Baal – 1 Kings 18:20-40). Over the weekend we are going to Galilee. I am so excited about this and will read the first part of Mark and other portions of the Gospels to prepare for the experience. Any recommendations for preparation would be appreciated.

It is almost a dream being here. It is more to me now then just a word in a book, a place on a map, and an aspect of theology. It is like going from 2D to 3D, from black and white to color, from Folgers to Cafe Brit. I am so thankful to be here learning a new language and a new culture. My prayer is that I won’t just grow in knowledge or experience, but that my heart will be expanded to love as God loves.

בבוא נא האדון
חחסד האדון ישוע עם כל הקדושים

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4 Responses to Israel Update

  1. RB says:

    Hey, don’t knock Folger’s =) Seriously though, proud of you and happy for your trip. Praying for you.

  2. LJM says:

    Soak it all up. It’s an experience that can bring the Gospels to a different realm of reality

  3. Dave Black says:

    Awesome opportunity. God bless your studies!

    How are the waves? I once went body-surfing at Ashkelon. No kidding.

    • Brother Dave! The waves are pretty good, though I might not be the best to judge. I am most impressed not only by your passion for the Word, but also good waves! It has been nice to study the Word right on the coast. Hope all is well with you.

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