Day Date

Today I am taking my precious Bride on a Day Date. This is basically when we take the while day and do random stuff (visit parks, coffee shops, book stores, etc.) Pretty simple concept, though I am sure might be boring to some. One of the things I adore about Susan is that it doesn’t matter a whole lot in what we do, because we just enjoy each others’ company. Life is wonderful with her no matter what context, but it is fun to change scenery every now and then.

We are somewhat celebrating her birthday today even though her birthday was May 13th. Before I get hate mail from all the women, we did indeed have a party for Susan, where many family and friends came and a good time was had by all. However, it was in the middle of Finals and I was not able to give her a proper Day Date. So, I like to think of this as an addition to the festivities…

Susan is my greatest joy. I love her so and I am excited about the day that is before us. Hopefully, we will have the opportunity torecount our adventures later.

*The photo is one of my favorites. It was taken by Carmen Michael, who happens to be my awesome sister-in-law.

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