Some Random Thoughts

I am sitting in Barnes and Nobles enjoying the change of scenery whilst enjoying some tasty coffee though I could have made it at home just as good. I have spent the last couple of days trying to relax and enjoy having no school. To be honest it has been hard, mainly because I really enjoy school. I enjoy being challenged to read books that I might not have read otherwise. I already miss the classroom and the shared experience with my classmates of assignments, exercises, and lectures.

Tomorrow I start reading for my trip to Israel and to be honest I cannot wait. I will also start working on Modern Hebrew. I enjoy languages. This definitely does not mean that I am gifted at it, but I will take my affection for it as a gift only the Lord can give. At times I feel weird talking to people who don’t like to learn the languages, because they usually look at me like I have some sort of disease. I am sure this would surprise people with whom I served overseas. That thought that ole Miguel (that was the name I went by in South America) would never learn Spanish. In fact when I was finally able to pass that seemingly inexorable barrier in the language where I could actually communicate efficiently, they would say, “If Miguel can learn Spanish, anyone can learn Spanish!” I delight in this because I can only give credit to the Lord who enabled me to speak a foreign language. It is that same dependence and desperation I have had for Greek and Hebrew. Modern Hebrew will be no different, so please pray for God’s grace and favor towards me.

Some quick reflections over the past couple of weeks that I was absent from the cyber conversation.

– My dear friend, Jason Lankford, left me in Wake Forest to be the youth/college pastor in Van Buren. He will do an amazing job and I am excited for him but he will be missed.

– I have been trying to read more since the close of the semester. I just finished C.S. Lewis in a Time of War by Justin Philips. Wonderful read that I hope to include some of the things that were most edifying. Realizing that Textual Criticism is a weakness of mine I am rereading New Testament Textual Criticism by Dr. David Black. I hope to read a couple of novels throughout the summer along with some works by Francis Schaeffer.

– I got my knee checked out the other day to see if I had just absolutely ruined it over the years. It had been hurting for some time and I though I should try to get it checked out so I would mess it up even worse. To my great surprise and joy both my knees were absolutely fine. I had tight hamstrings that created much discomfort in my knees. Who would have thought? It was such a huge blessing to find this out.

– Tonight we are going over 1 Corinthians 7:1-16. Should be interesting. Many uncomfortable topics but thankful that we teach and learn from all of Scripture, not just what suits are preferences. Praying for wisdom.

-My other dear friend, Steve Karn, just got his Masters in History. Couldn’t be more proud. Every time I have wanted to complain about all my obligations, lack of time, lack of energy, lack of sleep I would just think of Steve and he would move me on to keep doing the thing. Steve never gave up and he is now doing the very thing he loves. He is teaching history. What an encouragement. Of course there is no Steve without his beloved Mrs. Trish. I am confident he would agree. Congrats, Steve.

That is all I got for now. Time to tackle some reading…

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