I apologize to our seven visitors for not writing for quite some time now. There is the temptation to excuse myself with ‘busyness’ but that will not do. It is no excuse really, and to be honest it is something that should rather be confessed. Busyness is for the birds.

Anyway, I must admit that all of the busyness wasn’t bad.  One of the most amazing things I have ever been challenged to do was to translate the Gospel of Mark. I never knew what went into translation work but I greatly appreciate the process now. It was easy to be a first year Greek student and scoff at all the translations that ‘miss it.’ Needless to say this was a humbling journey that revealed my weaknesses, which included but were not limited to: Greek, Textual Criticism, and strangely enough, English.

I am going to post my translation on this website not as a trophy but rather a work-in-progress. Though I already turned in the translation and received a grade for it, it feels like it is just the beginning. I would love for you to read, to comment, and to challenge if you would be so kind. You can get the pdf file here: The Gospel of Mark (the formatting is a little off from the transition from word to pdf) and there is a tab at the home page. Hope you enjoy.

There is much to catch up on, so I hope you will come back and visit.

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