Keep Shooting

For those who know me, I am a huge basketball fan, particularly the University of Kentucky basketball. I have enjoyed this team much more than last year (as I blogged about previously) because they play as a team that has something to prove. They are unselfish and disciplined. In a year that they were supposed to do nothing, they rose above all their critics and have made it to the Final Four.

I do believe much can be learned by playing and watching sports. One element that we can all take away is to see a team lose and pick themselves back up, which has happened many times this year for UK. Or a single player having a bad game and shrug it off to make a huge play when it counts. This is a great quote from UK’s coach, John Calipari, regarding Knight’s (UK’s freshman point guard) who though shooting horribly throughout the whole game still had the confidence to shoot and make the game winning basket at the end.

If you’re a hard worker and you spend the time, you expect good things to happen, even if I miss two. Everybody says, ‘Why would you give him the ball when he didn’t make a shot?’ Because I knew he expected to make the last one. … And he’s not afraid to miss the last shot. You can’t be afraid to miss it, either.

I like that attitude of confidence after each failure. Pick yourself up and try again. We can learn a lot from failure if we have the right attitude. It is good to have a short memory of both our success and failures, so that we can humbly and confidently approach what is before us with all that we have. We cannot be too afraid to keep shooting.

P.S. I just hope that UK won’t have to pick themselves up after tomorrow night against UConn!

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