A Good Time Had

We just had four of our beloved brothers (Levi Huffman, Austin Smith, Michael Ward, and Zach Morris) from Wynne, Arkansas grace us with staying at our house over this past week. I am quite confident there are thousands of places more exciting than Wake Forest, but we consider it a great honor they chose to spend their precious Spring Break with us.

What I love about these guys is that they can make an adventure out of anything. They laugh much and cause others to laugh even more. Austin played me some of his music. My favorite was the one about Germans on the Interstate. We went to a bonfire. We talked deeply about life in those quiet moments between the laughter.

I am so thankful for the people that the Lord puts in our path throughout this journey of life. It is a good reminder that if you have the right people you can enjoy anywhere.  Our time in Wynne, Arkansas last summer at times felt like a beautiful dream from which we never wished to wake. The visit from our brothers allowed us to revisit that pleasant dream stirring in us a longing for the wonderful people that still do life there.

I hope that my boys will keep living out their adventure, laughing along the way, yet always taking the opportunity to reflect deeply on that Country that awaits them at the end of this journey.

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