VA Adventure

Right now we are in Virginia hanging out with Susan’s grandmother. Grandma Evelyn got out of the hospital a couple of days ago after having salt found in her blood due to the medication that she was taken. She is slowly recovering and we are in charge of taking care of her while Sue’s parents are out of country. Keep praying for Grandma Evelyn.

It has been a sweet time of fellowship with Sue’s grandma and for that we are thankful. She has the most genuine spirit and is a sweet blessing to us. Though she is 91 years old she has a quick wit always keeping us on our toes.

Tomorrow four boys that we discipled in Arkansas this past summer are spending their spring break with us. It is quite a transition but we are so blessed and excited to have them. I am looking forward to some good fellowship and much edification before they go off to college.

This season has been crazy. We find ourselves constantly out of routine as things keep coming our way. One thing they kept telling us when we were about to go overseas is that we must be flexible and expect things to constantly change. This should probably be a motto for life no matter where we find ourselves. Frustration comes when expectations are not met, so we must be flexible as life comes at us.

We have not seen this time in VA as an inconvenience at all. In fact it has been the greatest blessing to spend such quality time together and with Grandma Evelyn. My boy G.K. Chesterton says, “An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered”.

I guess that is one of the great challenges in life. To not be enslaved by our circumstances but make the best of everything given. Every circumstance is an opportunity to worship God. We must discipline our hearts to see adventures instead of inconveniences.

Check out this money blog by my boy Jamie for Chesterton’s essay on this.

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