Had some time to read today…

I woke up this morning with a pretty terrible sore throat that quickly turned into a really terrible sore throat with fever and progressed to what they *think is strep throat.  I feel a bit like an elementary schooler, since I really can’t remember people having that unless they were that young…though my friend Jen’s husband is dealing with a much more serious version right now.  You can read about it here and please pray as her husband, Erick, begins the recovery process.

Perhaps it was their scare with it, or just my general distaste for being sick now that staying home in bed doesn’t mean I get to miss school but in fact must call in and miss work (which will still be waiting for me tomorrow).  Whatever the reason, I sucked it up and headed to the doctor and am not dutifully taking my antibiotics in hopes of getting better- and not being contagious- sooner.

One good thing came out of the time spent idle in the waiting room though.  You see, I’ve been mulling around a post in my head for a few days, writing and rewriting it in my head.  Since we got married in January 2010, Graham’s been telling me about this collection of essays by C.S.Lewis collectively title The Weight of Glory.  I read the title essay a few weeks ago and yesterday started “Learning in Wartime.”  You can read it here.  And you should.

I’m still formulating what exactly I think about it, but here’s what I’ve gotten thus far.  In the face of urgent situations like war, or even the state of global lostness, what is the point of pursuing learning-whether it be academic learning, culture, art, poetry, or the pursuit of the beautiful?  Lewis argues that though we like to think we’ll do those things when things are back to “normal”, normal will never come.  And indeed, had not ever come in the past.  Our predecessors pursued learning anyway.

Graham and I often wrestle with this idea- especially relating to the reality of a dying world going to Hell.  How can we be here now, taking the time and money for Graham to study when there is a world beyond us that is falling fast?  How could I spend time and money growing the herbs and flowers I’m doting over when there are so many around me in need?

Interestingly, we have do have a peace to be here now.  And for Graham even to go on for further study in the future if the Lord allows.  That in itself is a mystery.

So go read Learning in Wartime” and I will too.   I know there is a place for beauty and art and learning in all this, just not sure what that looks like.   I look forward to your thoughts as I gather mine!

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