A Bolivian Day

Last night, my phone that I have stubbornly refused to replace though it would turn off without warning and the front panel no longer functioned, finally and inexplicably died.  It is finally no more and I sadly must get a new phone to the great celebration of my wife and Matt Baker.  This morning I woke up with an ear that couldn’t hear.  I thought it was the annual embarrassing build up of ear wax but I was not so fortunate. Later, on the way to work I started smelling burning from my car.  Never a good sign.  I pulled into the local shop hoping that it would not be too expensive.  Being only a quarter-mile from work, I walked with my chacos to the office only to find that the door was locked.  I still had no phone and I had left my key with the mechanic.  So, I sat there studying on the sidewalk for about an hour waiting for all my coworkers to get back from lunch.  They never came.  I decided to go check on the car, walking back to the mechanic a quarter mile away, to find out that they had to replace a belt and it would have to stay in the shop over night.  I walked back to work this time with my key and worked for a couple of hours (in the meantime my coworkers showed up).  Still not having a phone I had no way to get a ride so I trekked back to the house to finish up some studying.  My ear by this time had been greatly bothering me and I believe I have an ear infection. Feeling sick we sadly had to cancel our plans to eat dinner with some friends tonight.

It seemed like nothing went “according to plan” today.  In all of this, the walking, the car messing up, no phone, the ear infection, it felt like I was once again back overseas in Bolivia where we could count on our plans not working as we had hoped.  And though it may sound strange it made me kind of glad. It reminded me of all the people I worked with, lived with, and did life with overseas.  I truly miss them and all that I was able to experience there.  So I’m thankful for all circumstances today for it was a sweet fragrance of a time that was and maybe, God willing, a time that will be again.

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