Chacos and Choice

This has been a long season and a cold season, both in weather and in life.  It seemed to be even colder the past couple of weeks and I have been fighting to get out of the dark clouds  The change of weather a couple of days ago made me bring out my Chacos (basically sandals but so much greater).  If they would let me I would do a commercial for Chacos. I wore these things when I was in the Andes Mountains forging an unbreakable bond. When I wear them now they sometimes make me feel like I am still there.  At times they still smell like I am still there, much to the displeasure of my wife.

The weather, however, fooled us unsuspecting souls once again and went back to being cold. Still, I was undeterred and kept wearing my Chacos, even in spite of my freezing feet and judgmental looks from others.  And though my feet were cold, and though I could not change the weather around me, I chose to live like spring despite what the stupid groundhog says.

It is true that we cannot always change our circumstances but we can indeed change ourselves and how we choose to respond.  Circumstances can rob us of everything dear to us except our choice.  I want to choose the good, the right, the holy in my life even when my feelings and the world around me tell me otherwise.

It is amazing the difference in how I see the circumstances around me once I make a decision to see the beauty in all of this.

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2 Responses to Chacos and Choice

  1. JNaramore says:

    I would like to think that, instead of receiving “judgmental looks” from me, you understood my requests for you to wear socks as round-about encouragements to choose “the good, the right, and the holy in your life.” In that case, I am directly, positively, and humbly responsible for these illuminations.

    Either that, or I was just envious of your stubborn endurance to brave the cold.

    • Ha! Oh Jamie, I didn’t even have you in mind when I wrote about the “judgmental looks”. I have always known your heart when it comes to braving the cold and I am certain I will need such encouragement when it comes time to braving the heat. Any illuminations that you have been directly responsible for I am most grateful and I look forward to more illuminations from your blog.

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