Bookstores and Casting Anxieties

There are few things that stir my affections like a good bookstore where there is not only a great collection of books but also good coffee. If the place is full of people the better because I can fade into relative anonymity. There is no feeling of obligation, only the simple satisfaction of just being. Being in a place like this where no one knows me reminds me in the best of ways that I am not so important and needed.

I know it sounds weird but I tend to think that the weight of the world is on my feeble shoulders and I am about to be crushed under it. Even my tiny little world. Most of this stress is my own imagination and most of the times I put this weight on myself because in my pride I want to be needed. Public areas give me perspective. For this reason I like bookstores. I love seeing so many different people and just imagining what they might be going through. I love hearing them laugh, or look through different books, or do their seemingly important work on their computer. It makes me feel like we are together in this thing called “life”.

In the most random places I am often reminded that there is only one who can be the Savior. It is humility that can bear the burdens of the world and the backs of the proud will be crushed. Most of my burden is that which I have chosen to keep. I am learning how to cast my anxieties better.

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One Response to Bookstores and Casting Anxieties

  1. Sarah Welch says:

    Yes!!! I empathize!!! One of my favorite things to do is people watch. 🙂 And I happen to love a good bookstore (that allows me to sir there and read a book for free instead of purchasing it) with good coffee!!! Great post.

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