Sue’s Top Five Movies

Because yesterday was a bit of a heavy post, and because my husband keeps bugging me for it, here it is ladies and gentlemen:   Susan’s top five movies.

(side note: I think he does this just to make me look silly as I’m notoriously indecisive and can never pick a definitive favorite in any category of anything).

1. Pride and Prejudice (1995 /BBC)

    I’ve loved this movie since 1995.  I remember watching this on TV when I was nine or ten and having to look up words in the dictionary with my dad to understand the dialogue.  While I realize Jane Austen’s P&P is the ultimate chick flick: smart, handsome rich man finally meets his intellectual match in equally smart, hard to get, not so rich pretty girl.  But c’mon there is something for everyone: witty repartee, pretty buildings, British accents, guys hunting.  You can’t go wrong.  Oh, and it’s 5 hours long.  So now feeling dissatisfied as they rush through the conclusion to fit the 2 hour window.  It’s win win win win.  Watch it.   Better yet, come over and we’ll watch it together.  I’ll make scones.

    2. Our Mutual Friend (1998/BBC)

      Another BBC classic for you.  Dicken’s Our Mutual Friend is just confusing enough the first go around to hook you, make you feel a bit slow, and entice you to watch it again to make sure you didn’t miss anything too important.  With a crew of main characters revolving around the title character, John…it’s British literature turned movie at its best.  And the beautiful thing about a Dickens novel is that it’s a little romantic, a little adventurous, a little political, a little disturbing and a lot satisfying.  The bad guys always get ripped a new on in the end.  No loose ends, only the bad guys getting it stuck to them and the good guys living reasonably happily ever after.

      3. You’ve Got Mail

        Do I even need to explain this one?  Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks ought to be married in real life I like them so much together in movies.  (Rita Wilson is pretty cool though, so I guess that’s fair).  Best moments: Kathleen Kelly sick as a dog when Joe Fox decides to come and finally make a move.  Rooftop killer references.  And the general dialogue between the bookstore workers.  The resolutions is incredible too- I mean finding out “it’s you!” in a park surrounded with flowers while some guy sings “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.  Geez

        4. While You Were Sleeping

          Bill Pullman when he was still acting (what happened to him anyway?) and Sandra Bullock when she still looked like one of us.  The story for awkward girls who feel a bit out place…and end up finding the guy who likes them just the way they are.

          5. The Kings Speech

            This is a new one, but I’m pretty sure it’ll become a favorite given time, so I figured I’d throw it out now and call it ahead of time.  Colin Firth and Helena Bonham-Carter were so sweet together- I really appreciated the family unit they modeled.  And my girlhood fantasy of being British Royalty was humored.

            What are your favorites?

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            5 Responses to Sue’s Top Five Movies

            1. I just watched the BBC Pride & Prejudice for the first time last month- so wonderful. I love your top picks 🙂

            2. Kayla Bedwell says:

              LOVE You’ve Got Mail and While You Were Sleeping. wonderful, wonderful movies.

            3. Leslie Ring says:

              Susan, somehow I came across your blog and started browsing around and found this post! I LOVE your movies!! Our Mutual Friend is such a great one. The King’s Speech was so inspiring. And of course, Pride and Prejudice is just a classic!!
              Just wanted to say hi!! 😉

            4. Cara Parrish says:

              I remember watching numbers 1-4 with you (several times)! Definitely some of my all-time favorites in there, too. I miss those simple days. When good, clean entertainment wasn’t hard to come by… Ahhh. I miss you!

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