Create and Recreate

I am sick with something like flu and the most demanding weekend for school is upon me.  All I want to do is get in the bed and watch ten hours of Psych or Scrubs.  But as school goes I have deadlines and Tuesday I will be “teaching” the class from the passage of Mark 6.  Last week the teacher asked who was up for the next week.  I raised my hand and he said, “Looking forward to it, Marshall“.  Not off to a good start.

As I have been translating I have been overwhelmed by the Person of Jesus.  He commands incredible authority.  He is bold and courageous.  He has power over the forces of nature.  Even demons bow before Him begging not to be tortured.  In all of this He shows so much compassion.  So much love.  He loves “sinners”, the outcasts of the world. He also spends most of His time training men to take over for Him! To love like He does. Crazy, I say.

It is very clear that Jesus came for a purpose and that purpose was to be a Servant and become a Ransom for Many.  But as I was taking a short break from studying, walking around the neighborhood I was thinking about the “downtimes” of Jesus.  Did He laugh a lot?  Did He joke with “His boys”?  (I can see Peter not getting the joke as everyone else laughed around him only to make them laugh harder).

He gives the three closest to Him nicknames.  The Rock (Peter not Dwayne Johnson) and the Thunder Sons (James and John).  I mean could you imagine Jesus about to go into the little girl’s room to raise her from the dead and he was like, “Rock and Thunder Sons, you’re with me”?

I like to think Jesus was not absolutely serious all the time, but was also a lot of fun to be around.

This got me thinking about my stress and how it is dumb.  I must admit I can take myself way too seriously.  I start seeing my life as only a duty to be performed and this sets me up for failure if I ever find myself in a season where I am not “doing”. In studying for my masters I can get so enveloped with my studies that I don’t take a break.  I don’t think this is good.

I was talking with my brother and he encouraged me to take a break in the middle of studying so I could get back at my work with greater fervor (I don’t think he used the word, fervor). I believe this is wise and shows even a greater principle in life.  This made me think about life and that we were made to not only work but also rest.  God rested on the Seventh Day.  Jesus sleeps soundly in a boat when everyone else was worrying about dying.

Sorry for the incoherent rambling.  I am a “verbal processor”, which can get me into trouble.  My last thought is that maybe the Creator of the universe not only imprinted onto us the ability to create but also recreate.  He did modeled both.  Maybe we should do both well.

**My Greek Professor, Dr. Black wrote this on his blog (check it out) and it was very timely and soothing to my soul:

Every trial is an opportunity to learn to pace myself by becoming more pro-active in some areas of life and by slowing down in others. The goal is always a balance between “burnout” and “self-indulgence.” I find this balance harder and harder to attain the older I get. The key, of course, is walking in the Spirit — letting God show me moment by moment and even second by second what is His good, pleasing, and perfect will. It involves paying special attention to chronic fatigue, which is a sure sign of underlying stress. It is a call to exercise common sense by eating properly, getting proper rest and exercise, heeding the advice of friends, becoming aware of mood swings, and releasing past and present emotional hurts to God.

Grace and Peace

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