Desire to be Undone

Tonight our small group went over the famous Isaiah 6 passage, which was preached this past Sunday by Justin Taylor.  Though this passage has been preached so many times it is always good to be reminded of its great truths.

It has been a long day so I won’t be long.  I am tired and doing my best to fight the stress with all that is required of me (at my own choosing I must admit).  Just thinking about Isaiah’s response to God’s Appearance, His Presence.  God’s absolute Holiness caused Isaiah to cry out, “I am undone”.  Some translations say, “ruin” and others say “lost”.  In all the busyness I don’t want to miss God’s Presence and my subsequent ruin.

I imagine that this vision of God was like a huge tidal wave ascending before Isaiah and its sheer vastness was daunting beyond belief as it moved toward him threatening to destroy his very existence.  In that moment everything Isaiah had valued in his life meant nothing.  There are no true human accomplishments when faced with oblivion.  The very Holiness of God made Isaiah realize his sinfulness and his deserving punishment.  Isaiah’s only response was to be undone.  Yet God had mercy on him and spared him by atoning for his sin.  And that changes everything.

When one faces a near death experience it puts life in perspective.  What was of the utmost importance before seems trivial now.  I believe this happened with Isaiah.  God spared Isaiah and in response to such a great deliverance Isaiah’s life took a new meaning.  He had nothing to lose because he realized that everything considered significant was truly insignificant.  This led Isaiah to radically surrender his whole life to the call of God.

Being undone only happens when one is faced with the Holy Presence of God.  In that moment I realize that I am unclean, a sinner in need of grace.  All my “righteousness” is nothing in comparison with the Righteous One.  But by His Grace I am saved and freed to live radically for Him.  Being undone frees me to surrender everything.  I have nothing to lose and only Christ to gain.

It is my continual desire to become undone because then I know I will be most effective for His Kingdom.  That and I get to be in His Presence.

Isaiah 6:1-8

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