Through the Cracks

Busyness is a battle that I have been consistently fighting throughout this season of life.  I am not sure how to do it better.  Yet even in saying this I realize that I would struggle on the other end of the spectrum, if I didn’t have enough to do.

Time is so very precious, if not the most precious asset that we are given.  It is up to us to decide what to fill it with and the aim is to fill it with good things.   What it feel like now is that I only have so much to invest, and when there are so many things competing for my attention I try to divide it evenly, which leads to everything spread so thin.  Everything is fed but everything still goes a bit hungry.

Hardees used to have a huge menu offering many items which led to an inability to do any of those items very well.  It was said they were the “Jack of All Trades but the Master of None”.  This is a bit of my sentiment right now.

The goal is to prioritize well.  To plan well.  I think Bobby Knight once said, “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.” In priorities the tough choice to be made is deciding on the best instead of settling for just the good. If I don’t guard my time the good will rob me of the best.

I want to invest eternally, so that what I lay on the foundation of Christ will endure the fire at the Day of the Lord.  I need to hold tightly on to the things that will outlast me and let the temporal be what falls through the cracks.  God help me.

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