To Kill a Jabberwocky

It has been a couple of weeks since I saw the new ‘Alice in Wonderland’ in theaters. I thought it was a good, solid watch, though it did nothing too drastically different as to better or even worsen any of the versions before it.

What I do remember from the movie that I liked a lot was Alice’s confrontation with the Jabberwocky. Not so much the actual fight but how she convinced herself that it could be done.
It was great. Alice has a shield and a sword walking slowly up to the massive beast and she says to herself that it is impossible to kill such a creature. Then, remembering a saying she shared with her father, “I have accomplished six impossibilities before breakfast.” She then started listing the impossibilities she had accomplished before facing the Jabberwocky.
In my estimation it was one of the sweetest parts of the movie. It speaks to all of us in some way or another. I see something before me that is challenging and I want to balk. I have a tendency to get anxious or nervous about certain things and then I realize that I have done crazier things and seen miracles happen unexplainable.
It makes me think of God’s grace in my life:
By His grace I have been saved from my sin.
By His grace I have had the Holy Spirit poured out on me.
By His grace I have a beautiful family.
By His grace I have community and fellowship with Godly brothers and sisters.
By His grace I have the most amazing wife.
By His grace God continues to make me into a more lovable creature by putting challenges along the way making me depend all the more on His beautiful grace.
It puts daily activity in perspective and makes us think about the weight of victory in overcoming the impossible.
We love stories that the hero has to overcome impossible challenges. That is what makes them the hero. But when it comes to our stories we would rather avoid the risk of losing. But when we think about it we live and breathe by miracles.
To kill a jabberwocky, one must think of all the miracles that have happened even before breakfast.
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