It’s Spring. I returned to the States at the beginning of last year, but somehow this year feels like the first spring I’ve had in oh so long. Perhaps I was too deeply embroiled in culture shock and recovery from two years living in Africa, or long distance dating Graham from Virginia to Alabama, or just too self-focused and neurotic to notice the changes all around me.

For whatever reason, I missed it. Judge me, it’s alright.

This year, it’s different.

I was driving back last weekend from my parent’s home in Virginia to North Carolina along highways and country roads and everywhere I looked somehow, overnight it seemed, it was Spring. A little something inside me melted as I took it all in, and a grin settled on my face as I drove in the gathering dusk across the stateline. Flowering cherries, Bradford Pear trees, redbuds, tulip trees. Green, green grass and daffodils popping up all over the place.

At the risk of sounding insipid and ridiculous, I was enchanted. Any moment I excepted little fairies to spring out of the woods carrying small lanterns and offering me a pretty dress to wear (they do that, you know). Leave me alone, I want to have my moment.

It was as if all was right in the world and all that was once (and perhaps still) uncertain would most certainly be okay.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that this year of all years, I’m enjoying seeing little saplings sprout and trees that were dead and dry bloom, and feeling the sun again. I even resent the freckles will inevitably begin their annual takeover of my face a bit less this year.

Maybe it’s because I’m married and all lovey dovey. And that’s probably a part of it. Or maybe it’s just so hopeful seeing little daffodils poking out after such a long winter. And that my heart is slowly coming out of an even longer, harder winter. Last year was such a strange time for me. Coming back and feeling all those things after my term in Africa (I call it affectionately “the crazy”), working through it with Graham, my family, and a well trained counselorJ, getting engaged and married, beginning a new life in a new place with a new job. The crazy seemed ever present.

But joy comes in the morning. Somehow, I am and continue to heal. To hope.

It’s really nice.

So, it was a long winter. That happens.

But it’s Spring now. For all of us. I pray today brings you hope.

Go do something Springy:



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One Response to >Spring

  1. dianita says:

    >love the post… love you!! Sweet Sue, your blog blesses me so much, my dear positional best friend!

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