Gram’s Baptism

Last Sunday, Susan and I drove up to Yorktown, VA to see her beloved grandmother, Evelyn Hall, get baptized. She is ninety years old with a certain amount of zeal and passion that would decidedly trick you into believing she was much younger. Susan calls her grandma, Gram, which was confusing at first, but I have come to know this lovely lady who keeps me on my toes with her clever remarks and sharp wit.

Susan and I were so blessed to hear that Ms. Evelyn (as I call her) was getting baptized. She felt it was the right thing to do to follow through with baptism in obedience to our good Lord and it encouraged us greatly to see such a conviction. To witness any baptism is wonderful but it was so special to this past Sunday.

In the same service we had the Lord’s Supper and all of it was beautiful to witness the powerful confession of the resurrection so clearly demonstrated. I hope one day if God were to bless me with ninety years of age I would have the same amount of zeal and passion (I am sure I will never have the same amount of wit) as Ms. Evelyn. More than anything I hope that everyday will be a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Here’s to Gram who encourages and blesses us in every way.

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