Fire Arcade

The most influential people in my life in regard to music are my sister and my brother. I remember when I was in sixth grade stealing the new The Offspring CD from Kent who had originally stolen it from Ashley. Kent introduced me to Nirvana and Bush which became formative to what I have listened to the past decade or more. I love Smashing Pumpkins, Live, and Our Lady Peace. My sister and my brother moved on from that stage, it feels like, but I kept it strong.

I like “harder stuff” acknowledging all things relative. I have always liked listening to music that pumped me up making me feel that I had to overcome something. I love Chevelle (another group my brother introduced to me) and Breaking Benjamin.

Dating Susan I have grown an appreciation and a liking for her stuff, which I feel like is basically my music unplugged with slightly more optimistic lyrics. I don’t know what it is. Maybe I am getting older and more reflective. Maybe I am not angry. Maybe I am not imagining shooting the game winning goal anymore with “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in the background. But whatever it is I am enjoying more and more slower music. I hate to label it but to leave it to “slower music” is a bit too general. Arcade Fire (whom I called, Fire Arcade, until I bought the CD) is a good example of what I find myself enjoying more and more. So, is Sufjan Stevens and Modest Mouse. What I like about it is that it feels that I am in a movie. Most likely an independent movie because they usually have independent music. I like anything that feels like it is a song that could be played at the resolution of a movie. All the conflict has been resolved. The credits are about to roll and there is a sense of completion. I like that feeling and this music brings me there.

I wish I could speak more technically about music like my brother or brother-in-law. I get the benefit of it all being somewhat a mystery. I am always too late to discover anything. Arcade Fire has been out for a good while now and I am just now “discovering” them after someone recommended them and my sister confirmed the recommendation. My boy, Jamie, just recently told me about Sleeping At Last, who is blessing me more and more, but they too have been around for some time. So to those who have gems and want to share in their wealth of “conflict resolving music”, please share.

I recommend the music video of Wake Up by Arcade Fire:
The guy on the snare is my favorite! He looks like Napoleon Dynamite

I must add, as a recent development, my appreciation for rap. At this present moment I am not sure if I can give it a stronger word than “appreciation” but I must acknowledge this advancement and give credit to my boy, Matt Baker. Never before was anyone able to break down what is put into a rap song and show how artistic they truly are. Never thought I would see the day that I would confess such an appreciation.
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