A Journey Three Weeks In

I have been married for a little over three weeks. I am no seasoned veteran on the subject by any stretch but it is always interesting to get a perspective from a guy still green thrown into the thick of it.

I don’t mean to use a war analogy with marriage. Marriage is awesome and very unlike war. At least this is my experience thus far.

Four weeks ago I had no category to put “marriage” in. Before this, marriage always seemed like a destination that I was trying to reach as if it would be the pinnacle, even the crux of my life. In many ways it has been one of the most defining events in my life. I know it will always be.

What I had found, however, when I had reached this “destination” is that we were not stopping. I found that marriage is not a destination at all but a journey. We are always moving and with that movement we are called to grow.

I am loving marriage and all the nuances that go with it. I love referring to Susan as my wife or “Mrs. Michael.” I love being referred by other people as “The Michaels.” I love cooking together while listening to music. I love playing with the ring that is on my finger. Gives me something to fiddle with and reminds me that I am blessed beyond what I deserve.

I love being able to go somewhere together and go home together. And then wake up together. I just love being together.

Though many things have changed I feel that nothing has been lost in the transition from single to married. If anything there has been more of an enhancement if you will, with one basic illustration being that my best friend became even better.

Marriage is beautiful. I hope this is a reflection of my marriage now, but I say it with confidence because it is true in spite of me; it is a mystery that represents the true beauty of Christ and His Beloved, the Church. This is an axiom, a fixed truth that challenges and gives hope that beauty can always be found despite the road we find ourselves on in whatever weather we journey.

Though marriage is not a place of destination it is a beautiful sign describing the place we do in fact want to go. I am happy to walk towards there now with my beloved enjoying the scenery along the way together.

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One Response to A Journey Three Weeks In

  1. Stephen says:

    Congratulations! And as the Orthodox say, "God grant you many years!"As for the war analogy, that may be more apt than you know at this point. Not war with your spouse though–God forbid!–but with the 'passions' and all the temptations of life that will reassert themselves as the sweetness of newlyweddedness settles down over time. Marriage can be an excellent arena for 'working out your salvation', and even in a sense for martyrdom as you each die to yourselves for the sake of the other.

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